Terrae Novae 2030+ Exploration Strategy Roadmap

The ‘Terrae Novae 2030+ Strategy Roadmap’ is na exploration programme that aims to lead Europe’s human journey into the Solar System, and to return the benefits of exploration back to society. Technologies such as advanced life support systems or remote healthcare are expected to fuel both exploration and terrestrial applications with the potential to touch every aspect of people’s lives.

Terrae Novae 2030+ is an exploration strategy roadmap for an ambitious Europe, fully aligned with the Agenda 2025 of the ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher.

The main goal is to provide a lighthouse that illuminates a long-term vision for Europe’s decision makers on the robotic and human exploration of the solar system beyond the current programme. It can further align national and ESA objectives, prepare the scientific community for new opportunities for breakthrough discoveries, and give industry direction to prepare their own R&D investments.

The principal exploration objectives of the strategy are to create new opportunities in Low Earth Orbit for a sustained European presence in and utilisation post-ISS, to enable a first European to explore the Moon’s surface by 2029, to prepare for the first European to Mars by 2040, and all while delivering measurable benefits to society today. 

The Terrae Novae 2030+ Strategy Roadmap has been constructed as a flexible instrument with options to tune decision-making, considering the evolving political and programmatic landscape, and the level of ambition and affordability.