Focus on global goals

(I. Baroncini/ESA)

The United Nations have adopted a landmark set of Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These goals aim at securing and improving the welfare of the planet and its ever-growing and ageing population. Creating a sustainable and efficient industrial sector is a key element. Industry requires better processes, new technologies, and applications, an optimal use of natural resources and improved recycling.


ESA’s Space Exploration Vision serving Sustainable Development on Earth

The intrinsic aspiration of human’s to understand our place in the Universe and to extend our reach beyond Earth is the driving force behind space exploration. It requires advancements in diverse areas of technology development and scientific enquiry.

The knowledge and know-how developed to explore and conquer space can make life on Earth more productive, clean and sustainable. ESA’s long-term space exploration vision explicitly calls for activities that bring back the benefits to society.

The Space Exploration Goals and Objectives of ESA’s Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration are fully aligned with the major Global Goals for Sustainable Development goals as defined in:




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